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Our story

Terezinha Farag | Fundadora Technicare

Terezinha Farag

founder and president of the company

Since its founding in 1985, Technicare has had the goal of being a leading and innovative company in its field of activity: the sale of products for the oral and cranio-maxillofacial segments and spinal implants. Technicare is driven by the determination and boldness of its founder, Terezinha Farag de Oliveira, who has rare experience and in-depth knowledge about this market on her CV.

Technicare marks its presence in the national market by bringing from Europe and the Americas  products with new technology in the country. Examples include: endoscope for minimally invasive skull and spine surgery, which reduces risks and patient recovery time; and infrared-guided neuronavigator, which allows the exact positioning of the implantation of the surgical material.

With a dynamic, lean and integrated structure, Technicare believes in overcoming people and knows that success is a consequence of the work, motivation and training of its team, committed to the constant improvement of the company and the offering of differentiated products and services. . Our greatest commitment is to human beings and everything we do aims to contribute to people's well-being.

Carla Farag

 Distribution Director

Technicare | história
Technicare | história
Technicare | história
Technicare | história
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